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20th May 2022, Friday
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System AWS Redshift RiakDB
 Name -- Riak
 Version -- 2.2.0 (released Nov 17)
 Drawbacks -- basho.com had funding problems and the company was sold to bet365.com in aug 2017. There is little clarity on product vision after the sale
 Advantages -- 1.http calls for crud operations(unlike sql queries) 2.multi-datacenter replication
 Languages Supported -- Ruby, Java, Erlang and Python
 Website -- www.basho.com
 XML Support -- NA
 JSON Support -- yes
 Brief description -- Distributed NoSQL key-value data store that offers high availability, fault tolerance, operational simplicity, and scalability. There are three variants riakkv (keyvalue), riakts(time series) and riakcs (distributed storage)
 Database Model -- Key Value Store
 Technical Documentation -- https://docs.basho.com/
 License -- Open Source. Multi Data Centre Replication needs an enterprise license
 Cloud-based / SaaS -- SaaS options AWS-https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00AMRXCQA/ref=mkt_m3_riak, On-Prem available as well
 Implementation Language -- Erlang
 Operating System Supported -- Linux , OS X, Windows
 Options for Integration / Access API -- Rest API, ProtocolBuffers, Native Erlang Interface
 Consistency -- Eventual consistency
 Foreign Keys -- No
 Streaming Support -- No
 Analytics Support -- No
 Data Storage Schema -- Key Value Store with separate instances for timeseries,key-value and storage
 Notable Users -- weather.com,bestbuy.com,nhs.co.uk,github.com
 Key Differentiator -- Multi DataCenter Replication. This feature is not offered by any other nosql vendor
 Concurrency -- Yes
 Partitioning -- Sharding
 Replication -- Multi Data Center Replication supported