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System AlfrescoDB IBM DB2
 Name -- IBM DB2
 Version -- Last Stable Release 11.1 , released in april 2016
 Drawbacks -- high license costs. Applicable for transaction systems in large enterprises
 Advantages -- ACID compliant.
 Languages Supported -- C C# C++ Cobol Delphi Fortran Java JCL Perl PHP Python Ruby Visual Basic
 Website -- www.ibm.com/­analytics/­us/­en/­db2
 XML Support -- yes
 JSON Support -- yes
 Brief description -- IBM Db2 was the name introduced by IBM in 1983. The names DB2(tm) and Db2(tm) refer to database-server products developed by IBM. IBM Researchers invented Relational model and SQL Format.
 Database Model -- Primarily a relational database
 Technical Documentation -- www.ibm.com/­support/­knowledgecenter/­SSEPGG
 License -- Commercial
 Cloud-based / SaaS -- Available in AWS, Azure Clouds. Available as a SaaS option in IBM Cloud
 Implementation Language -- C,C++
 Operating System Supported -- Linux Windows
 Options for Integration / Access API -- JSON Query, Xquery, JDBC, ODBC
 Consistency -- Highly Consistent
 Foreign Keys -- Yes
 Streaming Support -- No
 Analytics Support -- Need to buy Netezza
 Data Storage Schema -- Relational Database
 Notable Users -- Most of the Fortune 500 Companies
 Key Differentiator -- Go To Database for IBM Mainframe Systems
 Concurrency -- Yes
 Partitioning -- No
 Replication -- Yes
 Secondary Indexes -- Yes
 SchemaLess -- No
 SQL Query -- Yes