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System Apache Accumulo
 Version 2.1
 Drawbacks Initially developed by NSA USA. SQRRL based on accumulo has been acquired by AWS
 Advantages --
 Languages Supported --
 Website http://accumulo.apache.org/
 XML Support no
 JSON Support yes
 Brief description Apache Accumulo is a sorted, distributed key-value store based on Google s Bigtable HDFS AND Apache Zookeeper.FIRST designed AND developed BY a team IN NSA Accumulo mission is to support big data storing and processing, but at the same time enforce fine-grained data access control. In particular, the team in NSA extends Bigtable in a way that Accumulo can control the access of individual data elements. Accumulo is currently an open source project under Apache v2 license.
 Database Model Primarily a key value store
 Technical Documentation --
 License --
 Cloud-based / SaaS --
 Implementation Language C,C++
 Operating System Supported Linux, OS X,
 Options for Integration / Access API -
 Consistency Highly Consistent
 Foreign Keys No
 Streaming Support Yes
 Analytics Support Accumulo is schema-less column-family key-value datastore. As described in Data Model section, key value pairs are stored together, sorted by row ID, column and time stamp
 Data Storage Schema Key Value Store
 Notable Users -
 Key Differentiator Build by NSA for implementing fine grained cell level access control
 Concurrency Yes
 Partitioning Yes
 Replication Yes
 Secondary Indexes Yes
 SchemaLess Strongly Typed
 SQL Query No