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System Azure Document DB AllegroGraph
 Name -- AllegroGraph
 Version -- AllegroGraph 6.4.2 [2018-06-18]
 Drawbacks -- NA
 Advantages -- -Database being explicitly pre-structured
-Data to self-define the schema at the time of ingest
-Able to connect concepts, properties, and entities across multiple databases and without further coding to extract new, actionable business insights from your data
 Website -- www.allegrograph.com,
 Languages Supported -- Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, C#, Clojure and Common Lisp
 JSON Support -- yes
 XML Support -- yes
 Brief description -- -Modern, high-performance, persistent graph database
-Uses efficient memory utilization in combination with disk-based storage, enabling it to scale to billions of quads while maintaining superior performance
-Supports SPARQL, RDFS++ and Prolog reasoning from numerous applications
 Database Model -- Graph Database, A triplestore or RDF store
 Technical Documentation -- franz.com/agraph/support/documentation/current/agraph-introduction.html
 License -- Commercial
 Cloud-based / SaaS -- No
 Implementation Language -- Common Lisp
 Operating System Supported -- Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
 Options for Integration / Access API -- Java, Python, Common Lisp and other APIs
 Consistency -- Yes
 Foreign Keys -- No
 Streaming Support -- Yes
 Data Storage Schema -- Yes
 Analytics Support -- Yes, AllegroGraph Recognized Among Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers by Pharma Tech Outlook for 2016