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System BlazeGraph Google Firebase
 Name -- Google Firebase
 Version -- released Sep 2011 ,acquired by Google in 2014
 Drawbacks -- Hosted and Managed By Google so cannot move to another cloud provider easily
 Advantages -- Best Database for Mobile Apps
 Languages Supported -- Java
 Website -- firebase.google.com/­products/­realtime-database
 XML Support -- no
 JSON Support -- yes
 Brief description -- Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed proprietary NoSQL database service that supports key-value and document data structures[2] and is offered by Amazon.com as part of the Amazon Web Services portfolio
 Database Model -- Key Value Model
 Technical Documentation -- firebase.google.com/­docs/­database
 License -- commercial on aws cloud.
 Cloud-based / SaaS -- Yes but you can download dynamod db locally as well. Local installation does not have vendor support
 Implementation Language -- C++
 Operating System Supported -- Linux , OS X, Windows
 Options for Integration / Access API -- Rest API , Javascript API, Android, iOS
 Consistency -- Eventual Consistency
 Foreign Keys -- No
 Streaming Support -- Yes
 Analytics Support -- NA
 Data Storage Schema -- Key Value Model
 Notable Users -- NA
 Key Differentiator -- Go-to database for mobile applications
 Concurrency -- Yes
 Partitioning -- Sharding
 Replication -- Multi Data Center Replication supported
 Secondary Indexes -- Yes
 SchemaLess -- Yes
 SQL Query -- No