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29th January 2022, Saturday
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System BlazeGraph Ontotext
 Name -- GraphDB / Ontotext
 Version -- 8.5.0 as of 2018-March
 Drawbacks -- NA
 Advantages -- Quick and easy to setup. Performance very fast
 Languages Supported -- NA
 Website -- www.graphdb.ontotext.com
 XML Support -- no
 JSON Support -- yes
 Brief description -- Graph Database based on RDF. Helps to build a data platform. Native support for text search.Support for a database cluster.
 Database Model -- RDF Store, Graph Database
 Technical Documentation -- graphdb.ontotext.com/documentation
 License -- commercial. Community edition can be used perpetually
 Cloud-based / SaaS -- Amazon AMI available
 Implementation Language -- NA
 Operating System Supported -- Linux , OS X, Windows
 Options for Integration / Access API -- Java API , RDF4j API,SPARQL 1.1, GeoSPARQL, GraphQL?
 Consistency -- Eventual consistency
 Foreign Keys -- No
 Streaming Support -- No
 Analytics Support -- Yes. Native text search and probalisitic capabalities
 Data Storage Schema -- RDF