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Multi Model DB

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A multimodel database is a data processing platform that supports multiple data models like single, integrated backend Document, graph, relational, and key-value models etc.

OrientDB is the first multi-model open source NoSQL database management system that combines the power of graphs with document, key/value, reactive, object-oriented, and geospatial models into a single scalable, high-performance operational database.

Advantages : (i) supports a variety of data formats such as CSV(Graph, Relational), JSON into storage without any additional efforts.
(ii) employ a unified query language such as AQL, Orient SQL, SQL/XML, SQL/JSON to retrieve correlated multi-model data, such as graph-JSON-key/value, XML-relational, and JSON-relational in a single platform.
(iii) supports multi-model ACID transactions in the stand-alone mode.